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MS Clinics and Research

Professor Jeremy Chataway Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic

Professor Chataway is willing to see patients for a second opinion regarding their multiple sclerosis diagnosis and discussion of future disease modifying treatments

Should you wish to come and see him please ensure the following for a productive consultation:

You will need:

  • A referral from your General Practitioner or Consultant Neurologist looking after you.

  • Copies on CD Rom of your MRI scans which will have to be uploaded or confirmation that they have been pre-transferred electronically.

  • Lumbar puncture results including oligoclonal band results if available.

  • Previous clinic letters.


Once you have these to hand you can book in to see Professor Chataway.  He consults from the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, 60 Grove End Road, London, NW8 9NH. Please book in on his Friday afternoon clinic - Appointment line 02078064060  Alternatively you can book in at his Highgate Private Hospital practice on a Saturday morning at 17 View Road, London, N6 4DJ - Appointment line 02083414182

When you make the appointment please request an hour consultation and this will be charged at a fee of £600.  Payment in advance is required before your consultation with Professor Chataway and you will be contacted by Professor Chataway’s Accounts Manager to make payment prior to your appointment.

Professor Chataway may wish to have your scans reviewed by one of the leading Neuro-radiologists,this will be charged seperately.

Once Professor Chataway has had a consultation with you, has all the information to hand, and has also reviewed your results and scans, he will write a formal report to you and your general practitioner or neurologist with his recommendations on your future management.

Due to the complexity of such reports this may well take 14 days or longer.

We hope this information answers any questions that you may have regarding your consultation – should you wish further details please contact

Information about the OCTOPUS trial is available at the link below and more information on all the current research and trials are found on the MS Society website.
If you’re interested in taking part in Octopus, you can register your interest through the UK MS Register.
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